I have "Eight Hundred and Thirteen Mile Car Trip" in my head from the album Here Come the 123's by They Might Be Giants. Ever since this past Sunday afternoon when we rode the entire length of the B&O Trail in Richland County, OHio. My daughter had requested that we ride the trail with her for her 14th birthday. So, my wife, oldest daughter, and i set out on Sunday afternoon from our house, rode the 1/2 mile to the trail head in North Lake Park and proceeded to Butler, about 18-1/4 miles on the trail. On our way back we stopped in Belleville for some ice cream and then proceeded the rest of the way home. From the time we left home til we returned took about 5 hours. But only about 4 of those were actually spent riding. No, it was not 814 miles. And no it was not a car trip. But none the less, it triggered my mind to think of the song.

B&O Trail

While the first 10 miles or so of the trail are rather familiar to us, this is the first i have been south of Lexington. While it is always nice to "escape" the city on the Mansfield portion of the trail, there are some great buildings along the trail as you get into Bellville and Butler. Mostly remnants of when the trail was a rail road, these buildings have a quaint agri-industrial aesthetic to them.

Grainery in Bellville Ohio

Grain Silos Butler Ohio

Grainery Bellville Ohio


The are also some pretty great bridges in Bellville.

Bellville Ohio Bridge

Bellville Ohio RR Bridge

The B&O Trail is one of the many great assets in Richland County. It is one of the many reasons #RichlandRocks.

B&O Trail


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