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It is Tuesday morning. The day before Thanksgiving break for the children. I seem to recall being in college when break started starting on Wednesday instead of Thursday. It is almost as if the schools just gave up. "If the kids are not going to show up on Wednesday anyways, we might as well not even have classes" they seemed to be be saying.

TimefulThe alarm goes off at 0555am. I hit snooze, as is my habit. The second alarm goes off. It is now 0615am. Time to get up and start rousing the children. The eldest of our children still at home is a junior in high school. He has already been up for at least an hour. He has to make time to talk to his girlfriend before school. The other five children are still sound asleep. So i start making the rounds with the youngest, and hardest to get out of bed. After about a half hour, all the children are finally up and getting ready for school. 0715am roles around and we are heading out the door for the 1 mile walk to school. It is a cool crisp morning. The first chance we have had to walk in about a week. It feels good to be walking again. The dog likes that we are walking as well.

Arriving back home around 0810am, i start up my computer, pour the last of my morning coffee, and start documenting my day for this post. Today will not be a typical day, though none of them really seem to be. I have been extremely busy with work for clients the past couple of weeks and need to spend some time catching up on projects around the house. One of the benefits of being self-employed and working from home.

It is now going on 1000am and my morning routine is complete. I have been using Timeful to help me be more productive and plan my days. It has been a big help in that regard. So i spend some time going over my schedule and tasks for the day. First on the list (after getting the children to school) is Yoga. Done. Then Laundry. Mostly done. A few pairs of jeans did not dry overnight, so they are still on the clothesline. The rest of the clothes are down, folded, and put away. And a new load is started. I will hang those once i return from the lumber yard. Time to get to work.

What started out as a personal project turned into prototyping a product to add to my ensemble of garden products. Today's goal is to build a couple of WoodCRATEs to stack our fire wood in for the winter. The old racks i got from my father probably 12 years ago or so have finally given out. So it is off to the lumber yard to purchase materials...



The wood is all cut to length. And it is now 1230pm. A good time to stop for lunch. Oh. I forgot to hang the laundry when i returned from the lumber yard. I guess i need to take care of that while lunch is heating up on the stove. Done. And another load is started. There should be enough room on the clothesline to hang the second load as well, but some of it may need to go into the dryer.

Taco salad with homemade salsa.

After lunch i spend some quiet time doing personal devotions. I am working my way through a book called The Jesus Creed. And then it is back to work. I get about an hours worth of work in before having to clean up so i can hang the last load of laundry (all of which fit on the line), pick up the children from school, go to City Planning Commission Meeting, and stop at the local coffee shop for after school snacks.

After some debate, i decide to try and get another hour or so worth of work done on the WoodCRATEs before it gets too dark to work. Turns out it was a good decision. I conscripted my 13 year old daughter to help and we have one nearly completed. I will have to finish it tomorrow and hopefully get the other one done as well. I am wanting to make use of the time when the children are off school to get the wood stacked.

My wife came home from work around 600pm and then went back in so she would not need to work tomorrow. So i get stuck fixing dinner. We are having left overs.

Just after midnight now. I had planned to work on the drawings for a pavilion i am designing for a local park. But alas, it did not happen. My wife and i went to the gym after she got off work, then she wanted to get some groceries while we were out, and then she wanted to watch a movie. It is rare that we get to watch movies together, so i could hardly say no.

I am pretty worn out. So i am going to bed.

About sixteen months ago, i wrote a similar post chronicling one of my days. It might be interesting to read it as a comparison.

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