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As a participant in the #ArchiTalks series, i was asked to write about my "Favorite Things" for this post. For obvious reasons, i chose not to title the post that, but the gist will be pretty much the same. So, in alphabetical order, here are a few of my favorite things (sorry, i could not resist):

Web - The Vault Bar - Dining - Vault 2
The Vault Wine Bar. Shelby, OHio.

Architecture: This one is probably rather obvious. But nothing quite stirs my heart like a well designed building or space.

Bicycle Commute Cycling
My bicycle ready for a commute across town.

Bicycles: Or more accurately cycling. I have never really been enamored by the the design of bicycles. But i have been a commuter cyclist with varying amounts of regularity for the last 30 years. So for me it is more about the act than the object. I like the sustainability of it. I like the pace of it. I like fitness aspect of it.

This is where i stopped for the night.
Working on a project to hold our fire wood.

Building: Again, this is less about a thing and more about the act. The process of bringing into being a thing in this world. Of realizing a design. In fact, i wrote about this for my last installment in the #ArchiTalks series.

modern sustainable gardening raised bed rain water harvesting corrugated steel wood
northLake community garden. Mansfield, OHio.

Gardens: There can be something therapeutic about gardens and the act of gardening. But what really excites me is garden design. Not so much the horticulture, but the physical layout of beds, paths, and appurtenances. To this end i have designed several garden pieces and have been involved with the planning, layout, and management of a local community garden.

Gabion Retaining Wall at North Lake Park.
Gabion Retaining Wall at North Lake Park.

Gabion Walls: I was first introduced to gabion walls in the Dominus Winery by Herzog and De Meuron. The use of gabion walls in this project was somewhat atypical, but it sparked my interest in them. I like the contrast of the rock and the wire. The haphazard arrangement of round against the ordered arrangement of the orthagonal grid.


The Choir @ Musica 2012. Akron, OHio
The Choir @ Musica 2012. Akron, OHio

Music: For me this is purely aesthetic. I really enjoy music for the sound. And not at all on a technical level. I am not a musician and i could never hope to comprehend and enjoy music the way a musician does. Some of my favorite bands include: Breakfast with AmyDaniel AmosThe ChoirAdam AgainSteve TaylorStarflyer 59Scaterd FewOver the Rhine, and Violet Burning.


Most of my shoes.
Most of my shoes.

Shoes: I am not sure i can explain this one. I am not a connoisseur by any means. But the design of some shoes just strike a chord with me. And when they are comfortable to boot... well there just are not words. I have more shoes than i need. But not as many as i likely would if financial responsibility did not come into play. Most of my shoes are Dr. Martens. But i also really like Keen, Chaco, and Sorel. Both for form and function.


My VW Fastback the last time i had it running.
My VW Fastback the last time i had it running.

Volkswagens: Particularly Air Cooled. I have owned one in some form since i was 18ish. Starting with a '78 Type II, i have owned a '79 Type II Westfalia, a '74 Type II, and a '70 Type 3 Fastback. I traded the '78 Type II to a guy in Ashland for the Fastback, which i still own. It spun it's bearing when my wife was pregnant with our second child (who is 17) and has been garaged ever since waiting for me to make the time to fix it. I had it running a few years ago for a short while, but have not been able to get it to start since then. Some day...



Sledding at North Lake Park. Mansfield, OHio.
Sledding at North Lake Park. Mansfield, OHio.

Winter: Snow. Sledding. Fires. Splitting wood. Snowmen.


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