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The topic this month is "Summer Break"

Summer ushers forth anything but a break for me.

Our youngest daughter just finished first grade.
Our youngest daughter just finished first grade.

It used to be, when our children were home schooled, that summer was pretty much like the rest of the year. With the exception that they children could play outside longer and later, thus allowing me to be a bit more productive. You see, my office is in my home (and when i say office, i mean desk in the corner of a room). So having the children home all day everyday presents it's own set of challenges to productivity.

Then about 4 years ago, we put our older children in school. I still had a few at home during the day, so summer was still really not much different than the rest of the year. Then nigh on two years ago things really took a turn and working from home became a much more sustainable proposition. All seven of my children were enrolled in school and i had the house more or less to myself all day.

Eldest son still living at home will be a senior in high school.

Still, the idea of summer as a break is somewhat foreign to me. Or at least an idea from my distant past.  The number of projects around the house increases. It is time to garden. The lawns need mowed. All the children are home all day. And clients who want to build in the summer invariable wait until summer to contact an architect.


Our twelve year took up baseball this summer.

This summer is shaping up to be my busiest yet. We have ridden the entire 18+ miles of the B&O Trail and back with our oldest daughter. Our twelve year old took up baseball. Our 17 year old is learning to drive and is in a play. Our oldest moved from the house next door to an apartment downtown. We celebrated the Fourth of July with my parents at the Balloon Fest in Ashland. And i am finally getting around to building a tree house for the children.

Our third and fourth children (with our grandson) at Balloon Fest in Ashland.
Our third and fourth children (with our grandson) at Balloon Fest in Ashland.
Our next to youngest daughter at Balloon Fest in Ashland.
Our next to youngest daughter at Balloon Fest in Ashland.

In the weeks since we were given the topic, my perspective has changed a bit.  One of my children is grown and out of the house (and has been for a year).

Our oldest and his son.
Our oldest and his son.

One has recently gotten a job that is occupying some of his time. Two are participating in a  summer program at the Salvation Army where my wife works. Leaving just three at home on a regular basis.  Three who generally tend to get along with each other. Two of which are old enough to help out with a lot of the regular maintenance like cleaning, preparing meals, and mowing. So in a sense, this summer is shaping up to be more of a break than i anticipated. And by more of a break i mean more productive.

Still, i look forward to winter when the real break begins.


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