A New Beginning

A New Beginning: The Blog

I would be remiss to not mention that it has been a long while since a blog was posted on this page. What can i say, i have been busy. But aren't we all? This post and those to follow will mark yet another renewed effort to post with some consistency and relevance. As has been the case in the past, it has taken participation in the #ArchiTalks series to get me back into blogging after a substantial lull. In a recent post for the #ArchiTalks series, i briefly described the whirlwind of design and construction that became the new facility for the Richland School of Academic Arts (RSAA).


A New Beginning: RSAA

As you can imagine, one post is not enough to do justice to the minor miracle of coordination and cooperation to get the school from making an offer on a building to opening a new facility in less than eight months. I would like to take you on a retrospective journey. To explore, over a series of blog posts to follow, in more depth each of the steps in the process. Delving into what it took at each step, how the process was typical / atypical, what worked / did not work, and even some of our regrets.

  • Building Evaluations
  • Building Selection
  • Putting an A/E team together
  • Design Charette
  • Construction Documents
  • Demolition
  • Build Out
  • Rebranding
  • Opening Day
  • Phase II

Each of the above is a topic in its own right. But as a whole, they constitute a new beginning and promises of great things to come for RSAA.

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