Slow Down. Hold Still.

Slow Down. Hold Still.

The following is a part of the #ArchiTalks series wherein a topic is suggested and a group of architect bloggers each gives their take on the subject.

This month's topic "Starting a Design" was suggested by Jon Brown.


When thinking about writing about starting a project design the first thing that came to mind was the opening lyrics of the song "All I Need is Everything" by Over the Rhine. The song begins with the admonition to "Slow Down. Hold Still." Admittedly the connection breaks down pretty quickly. Nevertheless, those first two sentences are something i am learning is critical to the design process. Especially at the outset.

Once we have a new client on board: contract signed and the initial payment paid, we are wont to let our excitement get the best of us and start putting pencil to paper to come up with a stellar design solution...

Slow Down. 

Clients, too, are eager to see what their new home/building is going to look like and how it is going to function. After all, that is what they are paying for...

Hold Still.

Starting a design does not start with designing. It starts with information. Obtaining site surveys, documenting and analyzing existing conditions, researching zoning and building code requirements, developing the program, and establishing a workable construction budget. We may be able to generate a stellar design without all this information. But what would that design solve? And if it does not solve anything, what good is it really?  


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