Secret City

May 7, 2015
My wife and i attended the recent Secret City tour put on by Downtown Mansfield, Inc. While some of the buildings were kind of throw aways in terms of architectural interest. Most were pretty amazing spaces. In the coming weeks i will post in more de
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 30

May 1, 2015
Today was cool, wet, and rainy. Not an ideal day for cycling. And to top it off, i had a ton of work to do this morning, a program to go to at my children's school this afternoon, and meetings all evening. But i did manage to get my ride in. Albeit a
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 29

April 30, 2015
Today i took a slow ride through some familiar and some unfamiliar parts of town. I mounted a time-lapse camera to the front of by bicycle for two reasons. One, i recently purchased it for a project that has been delayed slightly, so it is just sitti
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Ruby Slippers

April 30, 2015
The following is a part of the #ArchiTalks series wherein a topic is suggested and a group of architect bloggers each give their take on the subject.
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 28

April 29, 2015
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 27

April 28, 2015
Another late run to the library. Apparently one of the books that i returned last night was damaged, so i am unable to renew any items until it is paid for. And we had a few items due today that i was just going to renew. So it was off to the library
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 26

April 27, 2015
Eden and i took a nice easy exploratory ride around Mansfield today. It was a bit cool still, but the sun was shining.
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 25

April 26, 2015
It is raining. With a bit of hail. But if i do not ride now, it is not going to happen today because we are heading to Columbus to meet a friend for dinner and then go to The Choir's 25th anniversary of their album Circle Slide tour. So i take Malaki
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 24

April 25, 2015
I purchased a new bike today. I have been looking at cargo bikes for a while now, but was just not sure i was ready to purchase one. For one thing they are quite a bit more money than i have ever spent on a bike before. And i have a perfectly service
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 23

April 24, 2015
Today's ride took me to a pre-bid meeting for the new pavilion to be built in South Park. Only one of the contractors showed up. We were able to address his concerns and things are looking pretty good for a bid opening date of May 08.
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 22

April 23, 2015
Today is Earth Day. What better way to celebrate than to get out on your bicycle. I managed to get through the whole day without using a motorized vehicle. I either bicycled or walked everywhere i went today. That is actually not terribly uncommon fo
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 21

April 22, 2015
Unfortunately i have no pictures to share today. Try as i might, there really was very little of interest on my ride today.
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