#30DaysOfBiking - Day 19

April 20, 2015
Today, my two youngest children and i took a ride on the proposed Mansfield City Bike Loop. I had ridden it a couple of times prior by myself. And as the girls did not want to go on the B&O Trail again i thought it would be a good opportunity to
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 18

April 19, 2015
A couple of short rides today.
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 17

April 18, 2015
Short trip downtown by way of the bank and library for a concert at the local coffee shop.
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 16

April 17, 2015
Back on the B&O Trail. But this time it was a bit different. It was not a nice leisurely ride with my family, but i actually had somewhere to go and opted to take the trail as the best route. Sure, it added about four miles to my commute, but i o
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 15

April 16, 2015
Change of plans for today. I was supposed to go out to the county Building Regulations office for a plan review. But the city needed to hold onto the drawings for a couple of days to process them. So, i decided to take an exploratory ride around the
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 14

April 15, 2015
Just a quick trip
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 13

April 14, 2015
30DaysOfBiking Day 13
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 12

April 13, 2015
Another busy day. Church. Laundry. Lunch. Tilling. Running (we are back on the training regime for the 1/2 marathon). Bike Ride. It was starting to get dark by the time i headed out. So i opted not to take any of the children this time. It also provi
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 11

April 12, 2015
Day 11 was a busy day. First a trip to the bike shop to get a new tube for my bicycle and a new helmet for Amanda with a slight detour on the way to pick up a tiller before the rental shop closed. Then off to a nutrition class at the gym. Followed so
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 10

April 11, 2015
30DaysOfBiking Day 10
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 9

April 10, 2015
30DaysOfBiking Day 9
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#30DaysOfBiking - Day 8

April 9, 2015
Day 8 was our second day of riding in lieu of running. We opted to stick with the bike trail and took our 11 year old and 13 year old with us. We managed 15 miles on the bike trail in a bit more than 1-1/2 hours. We would have gone further, but the c
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