Flexible Rigidity

October 27, 2014
I am all about organization and order. Mostly. Well, with some things. This blog is one of them. I learned during my six week hiatus turned eight months of negligence that i need to commit to a rigid schedule in order to keep up with this blogging th
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Stories in Architecture

October 9, 2014
There are stories of Architecture. There are stories about Architecture. There are stories in Architecture.
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It Always Works Out in the End

October 2, 2014
A few weeks back i was invited to guest host a Big Time Small Firm* Google Hangout On Air with a topic of "Firsts." As the other participants and i had a casual conversation about firsts in our lives and practices, it came out that i do not handle fi
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It's Like Pulling Nails

September 18, 2014
I just came in from two hours of pulling nails out of 150+ year old white oak studs for a custom garden project i am working on. As i am standing there calmly pulling nails with vintage Crescent Tool 72 End Cutting Pliers, i started thinking about th
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Breaking the Silence

September 4, 2014
It is time for me to get back into the world of blogging. About a week and half or so ago, i made my first foray into the blogging sphere this year. While i am going to be easing back into it for the time being, the goal is eventually get up to posti
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This, is exciting....

August 21, 2014
I been invited by Jes Stafford of Modus Operandi Design to participate in this #ArchiTalks series. The series was initiated by Bob Borson of Life of an Architect and has quite a few participants. This, is exciting...
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Two Hour Delay

December 2, 2013
This morning i was inconvenienced with a two hour delay for school. Normally this is not a problem, but i had my day all planned out based on the premise of dropping my children off at school at the normal time. And it went downhill from there.
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Commuting by Bicycle part 1: or Am i a 'Cyclist'?

November 1, 2013
I guess it has always been in my blood, but i had never really considered myself a 'cyclist'. Yes i have been a bike rider for most of my adult life, but not simply for the sake of riding a bike. I tend to make relatively short trips to get places (M
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PARK(ing) Day 2013

October 17, 2013
PARK(ing) Day is an annual international event that takes place in September each year. I have wanted to participate in for several years now. It seems i am always too busy, and my plans to grandiose, to ever actually pull something off. This year, h
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Community Minded Architecture

October 3, 2013
Last Friday, September 27th, was the first official Pecha Kucha Mansfield event. I had the honor of being asked to to participate as one of the inaugural presenters. For those who do not know, Pecha Kucha is an event intended to allow people to share
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How to ... Build a TowelBAR

September 5, 2013
Towel racks can be expensive. We have used hooks in our bathroom for years. But, we simply do not realistically have enough room for all the towels a family of nine uses on a daily basis.
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First Day of School... My Life is about to change (I think)

August 22, 2013
Yesterday i turned the page on a new chapter in my life. For the first time in the five years since i have been working on my own, i was released from some of the daily duties of being a full time stay-at-home father.
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