133R Bathroom

Date Completed: February 2009
Category: 133RowLand
Location: Mansfield, OH

The deterioration of the vanity and tub gave rise to the need to renovate the bathroom in my home. Several years earlier, we  had done some of the work, such as partitioning off the bathroom to make it smaller and to create a hall to a planned addition for an extra bedroom room on the second floor. This also allowed for the laundry chute to be outside the bathroom and hence more accessible. We had also installed the recycled rubber flooring and made some temporary improvements at that time.

This most recent remodel afforded us the opportunity to correct some mistakes from the previous remodel as well as install a new tub and replace the cabinetry. All the cabinetry in the bathroom is built with either scrap wood from other projects, or by reusing wood from the old cabinets. The drawers on the new vanity, for instance, are reused with some modification, while the shelving next to the tub is all [SC]rap wood we had from other projects. My wife made the curtains out of scraps of material that she had used in some quilts she made.