Date Completed: April 2010
Category: Community
Location: Queens, NY

the playing fields provide areas of discreet activity which organize the site and diffuse movement though the site. they are organized patches of "nature" existing as either earthen surfaces, or as a displacement of the earthen surface to the roof. they exist either out of doors or by bringing the out of doors in through sliding glass roofs that allow them to be either open or transparent.

the house provides for the anexact activities required by the program. these activities support those of the playing fields yet lack the exactness of the rule based activities that occur on the playing fields proper. as such they are rendered as objects among the fields. both interrupting and pushing through said fields.

The site for this comptetion entry was Fort Tilden, Queens, NewYork. Located on a penninsula, the site has a military background dating to the Civil War. The competition brief called for a reimagining a portion of the site for athletic purposes. The portion of the site in question already housed two arts organizations, one performing and one visual, as well as several baseball fields. In addition to the baseball fields, several other athletic venues were to be added. Such as: football, soccer, track, swimming, basketball and tennis. Support functions such as locker rooms, meeting rooms, and dining establishments were also to be included on site.