Habitat for HUAMANity

Date Completed: August 2010
Category: Live
Location: Ontario, OH

In 2010, Richland County Habitat for Humanity was in possession of a piece of land in Ontario, OHio that they were looking to do a build on. While the property was 60’x252′, the buildable area was only 17’x209′ due to the fact that it was a corner lot and therefore had two front yard setbacks of 35′ foisted upon it by the local zoning ordinance. Taken in conjunction with the 8′ side yard set back, the once generous 60′ lot was reduced to 17′. To compound the issue, local ordinances also required a garage as part of  the project.

So, the challenge was to design a 1200 square foot three bedroom house with a garage on a 17′ wide plot of land. We had been interested in doing a house for Habitat for some time and so took on the challenge with great fervor and anticipation. Our solution was to generate two bars, one containing the living spaces and one which contained the circulation and utility spaces. The detached garage then becomes an extension of the circulation bar both formally and functionally through the placement of a privacy wall that is clad in the same material as both the garage and the circulation bar of the house proper. This privacy wall physically connects the garage to the house and, in conjunction with the extension of the roof from the house, provides for protection from the elements as one traverses from the house to the garage. The circulation bar would be clad in corrugated steel oriented vertically whereas the living bar would be clad in more traditional lap siding material.

Unfortunately, Habitat for Humanity decided they were not ready to take on a project which was so ‘modern’. Eventually, they gave up on putting a house on the property altogether.