RGMN LakeHouse

Date Completed: October 1, 2017
Category: Live
Location: Mansfield, OH

We were hired to assist the owner with design options for a whole house remodel of a 1980s home on the shores of Charles Mill Lake in Mansfield, OHio. The existing house was very compartmentalized and had a split kitchen. In short, it was not very useable and had a claustrophobic feel. By demolishing the interior walls around the kitchen and reconfiguring the kitchen, we were able to unify the kitchen and give the house a much more open feel. This, in turn, made the layout more efficient and allowed us to put a panty in a room that had previously been part of the kitchen. We were then able to create a dining nook in the corner that opened up access to the balcony and a view of the lake.

The master suite on the third floor was also in dire need of reconfiguring. It had a massive amount of closet/dressing space and a relatively small area for the bed. The master bathroom was odd, to say the least, whit a small room for the toilet and lavatory and a shower/tub unit that was located in the bedroom. In order to make better use of the space and take advantage of the views out to the lake, the master bath was moved into where the closet had been, shifting the closet to the dressing area. Allowing the bed to be situated in the middle of the sleeping area where the rising sun would illuminate it through the sliding doors to the balcony.