South Park Pavilion

Date Completed: May 1, 2016
Category: Community
Location: Mansfield, OH

The new pavilion at South Park in Mansfield, OHio was a community effort that culminated in a structure that responds to the needs of the end users and the other elements of the park. South Park borders the historic Boulevards neighborhood and houses several historic artifacts. It is the current home of the famed Blockhouse in Mansfield from which Johnny Appleseed made his run to Mt. Vernon in 1813 to warn of an impending attack. The new pavilion replaces a pavilion that was constructed in the 1930s. And while neglected and dilapidated, the previous pavilion was well loved by the community. It was much larger than it needed to be, had no restrooms, and the kitchen was in a state of disarray. The design of the new pavilion was tasked primarily with solving these concerns. As a result, new restrooms and a catering kitchen were included in a bar that anchors the open-air pavilion. The pavilion, rather than being oriented to the road like the previous pavilion, orients itself to the park. Opening on the south end to the playground and view across the park to the blockhouse. The north end opens to the woods in which there is a path and stellar set of old stone stairs that take a visitor down into the ravine of Touby Run. The design called for the east and west to be closed off. The west by the restroom and kitchen building and the east with a turning down of the roof to the wall. And while originally constructed this way, the city eventually had other ideas about it and changed the design. 

The new pavilion provides an appropriate gathering space for South Park that serves the needs of the community and embraces the park.