The Vault Wine Bar

Date Completed: November 2014
Category: Work
Location: Shelby, OH

We were retained by Ben and Cindy Lash to transform a 1911 bank building in downtown Shelby, OHio into a wine bar. Their were several challenges with bringing the 4,000 square foot building into compliance in the change of use from Business to Assembly. Not the least of which was dealing with the requisite fire separations to avoid adding a sprinkler system (which would have been Architecturally disastrous and financially unfeasible). In addition, the building sits in a flood plain. Despite the challenges, Ben and Cindy were determined to see this project through and we were able to come up with solutions that were economically viable and still met their needs.

While much of the work in the transformation was back of house such as adding a kitchen and accessible restrooms, we had the opportunity to do something special with the bar. Due to allowable floor area for the dining area, the bar and back bar area had to be larger than initially intended. Because of this, the bar has a U shape and we were able to put an illuminated canopy over it. The canopy serves multiple purposes such as lighting the bar, spatially segregating the bar from the rest of the dining area, and giving the space sense of human scale. While we did not want to loose the sublime nature of the original space, we did want to create a second type of space within that space which would be more intimate.

The exterior of the bank building remained largely unchanged. With the exception of swapping the signage, the only real change was the addition of an outdoor patio space in a vacant lot to the west. The patio space doubles their seating capacity and provides a venue for live music.

FiELD9: architecture provided full services including structural, plumbing, and electrical engineering. Mechanical engineering was provided by MG Energy Group in Mansfield, OHio.

The construction team included Keinath Contracting (General and Electrical), Brian Fenner (Mechanical and Plumbing), and Kevin Riley (Cabinetry and Bar)

All images are provided courtesy of Bryce Millikin Photography.